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The Carstensen family owns Kustom Koach RV Centre in Aldergrove, BC. Carl Carstensen was one of the great pioneers
of the recreation vehicle industry in Canada.

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Wine Making
101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes



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 Fun Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids. The program also allows kids to create their own jigsaw puzzles from personal drawings and pictures 
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Everything you need to create beautiful, professional
 quality ebooks at the touch of a button,

Download   EWriterPro,
is estimated to be the fastest-growing
PDF Compiler on the web.
We believe it to be the best software of it's kind.



Magnifying Glass Free
Down load FreeMagnifying Glass is a high quality magnification For your Desk

It allows displaying magnified portions of the screens that are smooth and sharp which results
in increased readability.


Desk Top Toys Downloads

Office Darts  And the fun part  is you can put a photo on your desk top
 andThrow the darts at the photo Photo of    Boss - Motherinlaw


Pendulum   Back forth  1 ball 2 balls 4 balls on and on


Free Down Loads


Water Fall Screen Saver

Calculator   Download to Desk top
Nice can be enlarged - Simple -Great for figuring out bills -

Stop Watch Perfect
Talks - Large Numbers Sweet

Color Book Program 
For Kids


Chocolate Recipes

In Word Format  Just save to a file
in Word format


Loads of Recipes
Zip file  Tons of  yummy stuff

Desk top Sticky Notes
Yellow Blue Red / Super
Read more  their site

  Google Earth  lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.
You can explore rich geographical content,

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Fly's on Desk top

 Real Looking  Double click on fly  and it will remove it

It drives people Crazy  Just start then  double  click on the flys and it will remove it.

  and just keep 1 fly

GoSeeMyLinks.com      A Great Link Exchange

Best  Paper Airplane in the world
Your kids will love them and They have some Big boy designs

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